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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 16, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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tonight. now, it's your time to go to greta and tell us what you think. there is an open thread just posted. we'll see you right here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is next. good night from iowa. he is coming up now. give him love. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the first amendment right do not include the right to endanger the public. >> bill: could be all over for the occupy wall street movement as they are being banished in many places. and polls show most of us have turned against them. we'll have an update. >> i looked around and i said i dig herman cain for that job. >> bill: dennis miller changing his presidential endorsement. we will tell you who he now favors and why. >> i would never hurt a child. >> bill: the lawyer who got michael jackson acquitted of child molestation charges weighs in tonight on the awful penn state scandal. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now.
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captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the failure of the occupy wall street movement, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the beginning there was some sympathy towards the protesters who believed the federal government should take action against financial institutions that cheat in the face of the terrible recession. that message is a powerful one. so the occupy wall street movement got some traction. but the more we saw and heard, the more fair minded americans came to believe that the occupiers were not interested in legitimate issues so much. many of them simply want to blow up the economic system. in addition, some of the behavior was and is reprehensible. all kinds of violent crime. all kinds of provocation against the police. awful kinds of depraved behavior in general. this picture taken by the "new
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york post" shows hypodermic needles taken out of the new york city site. isn't that nice? i don't believe we saw any hypodermic needles at the tea party protest or am i wrong? the left-wing media trying to portray the occupiers as liberal equivalent with the tea party. would you want your daughter to demonstrate with the tea party or with the occupiers? >> our recent "wall street journal" poll asks do you consider yourself a supporter of the occupy wall street movement? 63% of americans now say they do not support the movement. just 28% say they do. because president obama was sympathetic to the movement in the beginning, along with many members of the democratic party, this presents a big political problem for them. and so officials in 11 cities got on a conference call to discuss how to deal with the occupiers. >> what started as a political movement and a political
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encampment ended up being an encampment that was no longer in control of the people who started them. >> bill: that's true. to be fair and we always are fair here on the factor. some of the occupy protesters are well-intentioned folks who believe the financial system is no longer fair. that's a legitimate debate but they have been overrun by thugs, anarchists and the crazies who intimidate. if you are a violent person, people usually back off. so the occupy protest movement is dead. finished as a legitimate political force in this country. and that's a good thing. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, another view of this, joining us from capitol hill and washington congressman keith ellison co-chair of the congressional progressive caucus. where am i going wrong here, congressman? >> i don't think this movement is dead. i also think that it's important not to blame everyone for the bad actions of a few. the fact is that this movement has raised important points and i believe the movement has been successful in that it has
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changed the national dialogue. bill, you remember the summer, everything was all about the super committee and the debt ceiling now we're talking about accountability on wall street for the first time. i think that is a good thing. no matter what happens. no matter what the future holds, they have changed the national dialogue. this is something that both tea partiers and progressives and people all over america probably can agree on that, you know, mistreatment, misbehavior on wall street needs to be focused on and there needs to be some accountability. >> bill: all right. you said congress should step up and support the occupy wall street movement. do you still believe that in light of all the crime, all the depraft that we have seen? all the chaos? you still believe the congress of the united states should declare support for the occupiers? >> you know, bill, i have to disagree. i don't think that i ever declared that congress should support it. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. in a youtube video, released on november ath, all right? >> i know the video well and i
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can devote it to you. >> congress should step up and support the occupy wall street movement. >> i think your researchers didn't do you a good turn. what i said is we needed to step up and do our job, create some jobs. get some lending to small business. what i said is congress should not try to control the occupy movement. i have heard people say. >> bill: look, i don't want to parse it. do you believe congress should support the occupiers right now? >> i believe that congress has a job to do and the occupiers have another set of things that they are trying to do. >> bill: you are dodging me now. >> i'm not dodging you. >> i'm a no spin zone guy, congressman. you are dodging my question. it's a simple question. do you believe congress should support this movement as it is now? >> i don't believe i don't think we should pass a resolution if that's what you mean. they raise an important point that we have to deal with. >> bill: i have no beef with that i'm sure you saw the fannie mae, freddie mac guys in front of the congressional committee today. >> sure did. >> bill: why aren't the occupiers in front of their
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house? these guys are taking out $100 million of taxpayer money in two years for fannie and freddie which owe 141 billion to the government. where are the occupiers on that? >> well, first of all, i supported that. i am on the financial services committee. i want to tell you that compensation for executives at failing businesses needs to be looked atticly. >> bill: where are the occupiers on that? >> you got to ask them, bill. >> bill: i don't have to ask them. you are one of their supporters. i'm asking you where they are. >> i'm one of the people who support the goals and the principles that they have articulated. >> bill: isn't that hypothetical to ignore that? >> no. i'm one of the people who support the right to raise your voice and address grievances with your government. i also respect our nation's legacy of even civil disobedience as martin luther king -- >> bill: how can you have a credible -- you say that these occupiers raise a legitimate question about wall street corruption. i don't disagree with that. i don't.
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okay? i want to have the debate. but then i asked you a follow up question about where these pinheads are when it comes to fannie and freddie paying out 100 million over two years when they owe 141 billion to the folks and you don't condemn that. how can they have any credibility? how? >> i think they probably strongly disprove. >> bill: well, where are they? where is the sign? >> i can't tell you that. but i can tell you this. this is an awful issue, particularly when you have got one in five americans with their houses under water. you have got 9% unemployment. you have a lot of economic problems. and i think that this compensation package was problematic. >> bill: it's absurd. >> why i supported the measure. >> bill: it's absurd. and the solution to this is easy. if you turn it around and begin to pay back the money you owe the government, you can get bonuses. we will get bonuses on performance. we are not giving bonuses at $100 million to a place that may go bankrupt still. they might come back to you
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guys still for more money and we are paying these guys 100 over 2. and the occupiers i will challenge you they don't even know about it. they are too busy getting high they don't even know about it. >> come on, bill. they said the same thing about kids in the 1960s protesting the vietnam war. >> bill: i was in the 60's. i was getting high and i knew what was going on. >> you are not that old, bill. you are a young guy. no i was there unfortunately. it wasn't a gadd time for the country. i have got to tell you congressman you have got to get out of this occupier deal. these guys have blown it and i will give you the last word. >> here is the last word. they have raised important issues that this country must focus on. we need accountability. we need to do something about all the folks under water. unemployment. bill, these issues will not go away no matter what happens to occupy. >> bill: always a pleasure to debate with you. thank you. next on the run down the millionaires running fannie mae and freddie mac hauled before congress as we said. it was bloody.
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and the ceos of fannie and freddie had to testify before congress today. >> hauerly you can understand the frustration of taxpayers who are paid bonuses while the bus is driven through the gates of hell and then you want us to pay bonuses while the people change the tires. >> i can certainly understand the frustration. >> here now to analyze the political implications of this the purveyor of dick mr. morris. look, these guys say if you want financey and freddie to be turned around you have to pay the money to the head guys because you are not going to get the talent to do it unless you pay them competitive salaries to what they could make at wall street or whatever. that's their argument. i want everybody to know what their argument is get rid of fannie and freddie. it doesn't work. we can't afford it? >> come on. 1.3 million in bonuses to each of 10 people. that's the average. 13 million in bonuses to 10
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employees. is far more than competitive. >> bill: the big salaries are at the top. one guy is making six. the other is making 5. >> you have to realize that fannie mae and freddie mac have always been a factory for producing these huge bonuses. franklin reigns, the former president of bill clinton's budget director made $90 million in bonuses over six years. jim johnson who was mondale's campaign manager made millions over this period of time. jamie gore lick who was on the 9/11 commission. >> bill: this is basically a slush fund for politico. >> we called it a retirement home for democrats in our book outrage five years ago. basically what fannie mae or freddie mac do if people are having trouble getting mortgage from their local banks. that isn't easy these days. they can apply and fan from and freddie will try to find them a lender. that's what they do. >> 90% of all mortgages now
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being granted in the u.s. are being granted through the efforts of. >> not a bad thing for an honest, hard-working person to have some help finding a mortgage. that's not a bad thing. >> no. where fannie and freddie went wrong in the late 19 0s, the clinton administration launched a homeowner initiative where their goal was to redirect the efforts of fannie and freddie. at low income people. the criticism was. >> people would have trouble paying the bills. >> too much middle income. >> andrew cuomo the secretary of hud told them waive your down payment requirements. don't require money down. don't require income verification. and subsidize interest rate. >> bill: give them the mortgage and if they get in trouble help them with it that's why they build up, build up. >> it wasn't a question of helping them with it give it to them for basically nothing down. if he they fall behind in the interest payments, the inflation and the value of the home will take care of it they can always tell it and make a
11:15 pm
profit and move on. it was never designed for a static or declining market. >> bill: that's why it collapsed. >> then the government had to bail it out. >> then what fannie mae did bread this virus in a petrie dish and then they spread it all over wall street and the world by security advertising the mortgages and say you buy a slice. you buy a slice. so everybody had one percent of these horrific mortgages and when they fell apart, it caused the whole financial system of the world to collapse. >> bill: remember when i had to yell at banky frank for lying on this program but b. how effective fannie mae and freddie mac is to this day people remember that i had to do it. now we find out that newt gingrich was a consultant to freddie mac to the tune of about $1.5 million. so, what you are say something correct, these organizations historically have helped politicians in both parties
11:16 pm
financially. >> they sure have. gingrich maintains that he never lob idea for them. >> he advised them. >> they basically gave him an effective $20,000 a month consulting contract. which is pretty reasonable and normal in this business. but, what newt has to do now is not just treat this as a financial scandal because i don't think it is. he has to explain what he did -- what advice he gave them because if it turns out that in 2002, newt gingrich wrote them a memo saying don't give these mortgages out. then it becomes an asset for him. becomes a positive for him. >> you know those memos are around. >> newt gingrich would love to give this money back. >> the speaker has to say what he did. >> right now the issue is repealing 13 million in bonuses. i have a petition on dick we have gotten 30,000 signatures so far. sending them to each congressman and senator. i think that's having a role enforcing these hearings.
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>> go to dick i got 30 seconds. occupy wall street dead, right? >> done. done. >> bill: fin issue? >> when you occupy you can't occupy. by the way, the tea party is not dead. the tea party will live again in two weeks when boehner and the deficit commission recommend tax increases. coming soon to this neighborhood. >> bill: dick morris, everybody. quick reminder you can buy morris' new book for kids "dubbs goes to washington." >> dubbs is a dog. >> bill: you are stepping on your own plug. shut up. directly ahead, the man who got michael jackson acquitted of child molestation will enter the no spin zone to talk about the penn state scandal. and then jesse watters on what the folks really know about the republic candidates moments away.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, couple developments in the penn state scandal. joe paterno transferred ownership of his home to business hiv last summer for a dollar. some believe that that he knew a scandal was about to erupt. he denies that. saw jerry sandusky molest a little boy in locker room shower apparently told a friend he stopped that activity. he actually stopped it himself that could contradict sworn grand jury testimony by him. joining us from los angeles attorney tom mezero who successfully defended michael jackson in 2005. counselor, do you see any similarities in the two cases. >> yes, i do. in both cases had you a grand jury indictment. in both cases grand jury information has been hand to the media remember, in a grand jury proceeding there is no judge and no defense attorney
11:22 pm
and no cross-examination. so everything looks stacked against the defendant. and in both cases the media has swarmed all over that grand jury indictment and whatever information they have gotten and basically convicted the defendant before the defendant has a chance to even defend himself. >> now, isn't grand jury testimony supposed to be secret? you rightly pointed out both the jackson case and sandusky case the media got ahold of this stuff. is there something wrong with that? >> yes, there is grand jury proceeding is supposed to be secret. it's supposed to be closed. and the jackson case, information was being leaked on almost a daily basis from that grand jury room. and, remember, there is no defense lawyer in sight in a grand jury proceeding. additionally, the first day of jury selection the jackson case someone took all those transcripts and handed them to abc. the judge had ordered they be suppressed. and basically remain secret they naturally arose during the course of the trial. so people were trying to prejudice everyone against us. i suspect that may be starting in this case, too.
11:23 pm
>> bill: that's illegal though. anybody release grand jury testimony, correct? >> yes, it is. it violates -- >> bill: authorities are going to pursue that, i don't know. now, the jackson situation was basically one family, one kid against jackson. that's what you had to contend with, correct? >> that's not totally correct. it was one primary accuser but in california the prosecution introduced evidence of other similar acts and they introduced evidence that five other young men had been molested as well. and they tried to introduce evidence that more young men had been molested. >> but they weren't called to testify these kids, right? >> i called them to testify. they put on evidence that five other young men were molested. and they did it primarily through third party witnesses. however, one of them did testify, alleged youth pastor who said he had been tickled outside of his jeans. i started my case by calling three of those five as my first three witnesses. all of whom deny they had been molested by michael jackson.
11:24 pm
>> bill: all right. you quickly impeached that scenario. but, in this scenario, with sandusky, there is a lot of kids allegedly. a lot. and they are adults now. they are not children any longer. and there are two eyewitnesses. the football coach and a janitor. now, the janitor is problematic because this is -- he has got dementia. reresides in a nursing home. is he incompetent to testify. so that's going to go out the window. but, hezbollah-mezero, the football coach. jackson didn't have that against him but sandusky seems to have that against him no, michael had witnesses against him, there are people who worked at neverland who tried to claim that all of these other young men were molested. they got on the stand. one after another saying they had seen things in the shower they have seen things in the pool. they had seen things in his room. the prosecution tried to load up on us in the jackson case. the problem is they all fell
11:25 pm
like a deck of cards when you started cross-examining them. they made conflicting statements. they tried to sell their stories. they had questionable pasts. it was just amazing to watch them fall like dominoes and you never know if that will happen in this case. bill buy you didn't have anybody, and correct me if i am wrong, testify before a grand jury that he has witnessed a crime. mcqueary testified in front of a grand jury. you didn't have anybody testifying in front of a grand jury that actually witnessed michael jackson molesting anybody, did you? >> yes, we have the brother of the accuser claimed he had walked up the stairwell and seen his brother being molested. we did have that. >> bill: okay. so you impeached every single one of them. that's what sandusky's attorney is going to have to do. he will have to knock them down one by one. >> well, remember in the world of michael jackson, there were so many con artists and exploiters and impostures showing up trying to take advantage of michael jackson. he was a best known celebrity. fabulously wealthy. some people would show up with their hands out trying to get something that we were able to
11:26 pm
not only knock over these witnesses one by one but show a picture, a broader picture of exploitation and it all worked in the end. >> you heard sandusky on television saying that he showered with boys. that's pretty damning just in that regard, is it not? >> it is. and i think his statement was very foolish. i don't know why his lawyer let him do that i think it's going to hurt him in the long run. technically speaking, showering with boys is not sex. i think what the defense has to do is draw a distinction and say look, he is a big jock. he hangs around, you know, football facilities. he hangs around with young people all the time. but never did he do anything sexual. it sounds like a tall order but, you know, it may happen. >> bill: would you take this case, sandusky? would you take his case? >> you know, i have no interest in taking that case at the moment. but i do defend difficult cases. i believe in what criminal defense lawyers do. we make the system work. we defend people charged with crimes who everybody has vilified and attacked. and, yes, it's a case i would
11:27 pm
consider taking but it's not something that interests me right now, no. >> you still believe michael jackson was innocent of all of this? not guilty but innocent? >> i know he was 100% innocent. he wasn't just acquitted. he was i understand -- vindicated that jury said not guilty 14 times. >> bill: you personally now that mr. jackson is not here now. you personally 100% was not a child molester. >> i'm 100% convinced he was innocent and not a child molester. yes, sir. >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. whether americans really know who the republic candidates are. a special watters world is next. then, dennis miller changing his endorsement from president. he will tell us who and why. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. emily's just starting out... and on a budget.
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>> bill: watts world segment tonight, there are 8
11:31 pm
contenders for the republic nomination. those of you watching right now most likely know all of them and what they believe. many americans are not engaged in the political process. they are watching dancing, singing, you know what he this are doing. so exactly what do they know? we sent jesse watters to the jets game to tailgate last sunday to find out. ♪ >> who is this? >> that's herman cain. >> what do you think of that guy. >> i'm on the cain train, still on board. >> train! >> that's herman cain. >> okay. >> ever heard of him? >> no. i know he is a 9-9-9 guy. >> what do you think about 9-9-9. >> great idea. >> do you like that idea. >> i love that idea. >> 8-8-8. >> what the hell was that? >> he is running for president. >> really? >> he looks a little evil. he has that malicious sort of smile. >> right. >> trying to prove how dumb
11:32 pm
we? >> who is this guy right here. >> oh, lord. >> that's newt. are you a fan of newt. >> i'm a fan of newt. >> a newt. >> what did he used to be before he ran for president? >> speaker of the house. >> speaker of the house. that's what i said. >> would you vote for him. >> no i would not vote for him. >> why not. >> because i'm a republic. >> is he a republic. >> oh. >> what an idiot. >> who is this guy right here? >> rick perry. governor of texas. >> i like texas. ♪ deep in the heart of texas. >> who is that? i never seen him. >> come on, this is ridiculous. >> that's rick perry. he is attractive. >> no. that's perry, dude. >> i think he forgot what number three was. >> oops. >> hilarious. >> who is this? >> that's kardashian. she is a beautiful woman. >> she is put on a great scam for that wedding and all the dresses and the rings and the bling and the bloom. >> what about this guy? >> mitt romney. >> what do you think about him? >> is he a mormon.
11:33 pm
>> he would be angry about. this nice head of hair. >> nice head of hair. >> handsome, right? >> romney. got something in his beattie little eyes. >> when he looks at me, i'm afraid. >> vote for freedom. >> what will you do without freedom? >> what about her? >> michele michelle balk. >> michele bachmann. can't take the accent. good for her making that far no chance. >> she has a lot of children. >> foster children. >> god bless her because i only got two and i can't handle them. >> one of you are about to get smacked in the mouth. >> you are not a tea party type of person. >> i'm not a tea party type of person. >> do you know what the tea party. >> yeah. >> on. >> you want some coffee? >> >> oh, o'reilly. >> i love him. >> you love o'reilly. >> if i didn't love him he would come after me. >> we would ambush you. >> yes.
11:34 pm
>> you know, you make it sound really enticing. >> is that brian williams? >> no. >> what did you just say? >> bill o'reilly. he is a lot of fun though. >> watters, my man. you are not megyn kelly but i still love you. >> way off the reservation. you want top tier, you didn't go down to jon huntsman or ron paul. >> i actually did go to huntsman and no one got him right. they kept saying is that the weather guy. >> the weather guy. >> they thought he was the weather man. >> how about paul? >> few guys got ron paul. everybody thought he was the purr due chicken guy. >> we actually took -- not we but the pew research center took an interesting poll of all americans and they asked them to write down how many republic people they knew. all right? 28% got perry. that's all. that's all. that means that 68% don't know that perry is running for president. 27 got romney.
11:35 pm
15 bachmann. 9 cain. only 9% new cain was running. >> this was before the cain. >> even so. >> bill has -- >> already been 73 debates. >> half of americans can't even name one republic running for president. >> 50% of americans can't name one person barack obama. that's a huge, huge advantage for him. people got to start paying attention, watters, that's your job to go to every house in america and demand they pay attention. you are starting tomorrow. >> be nice to him when he shows up. give him a little water and stuff. dennis miller changing his presidential endorsement. he will tell us who and why. michele bachmann launching a political ad against her rivals. wait until you see this. pretty vicious. back in a moment. [ courier ] the amazing story of whether bovine heart tissue can make it from australia to a u.s. lab to a patient in time for surgery may seem like a trumped-up hollywood premise. ♪
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight you may remember our pal dennis endorsed herman cain for president. now the sage of southern california having second thoughts and joins us from los angeles. what's with the glasses, first of all, miller? >> well, i had somebody call my radio show today and say that in an attempt to emulate brit hume i should try to look more tweety. but now that i look at it, i feel like some moron teaching sustainable diversity trap at a midwestern juco so i will get rid of them. >> bill: you don't need them. everybody respects your intellect the way you are. >> without my endorsement? listen, you know why i'm on the cain train, billy. >> bill: why? >> he can't win. listen, he is still a great guy. and this is a fluid situation for me. if he gives us the best chance to win tomorrow, i'm back on. but today he can't win. and it doesn't have anything to do with the chicks. that doesn't interest me. it's just after that 11 second pause he is too easy for them
11:40 pm
to whack. >> bill: talking about the libya thing. >> yeah. all they have to do is dust off the palin playbook and they can hit him with that. >> bill: i know. his numbers are down. new fox news poll just out today got him at 15%. and the people who have defected from herman cain have gone to newt gingrich and i suspect, miller, that you are one of those. >> well, listen, i don't know where i'm quite going yet. i might stop at newtville, i might go to planet ron paul. i have a feeling like everybody else i might end up at romney acres eventually. those are the three right now i think because of this. romney makes it hard for them to hit. newt hits back. and ron paul doesn't even know he has been hit. >> bill: i don't see you in the ron paul camp because of the foreign affairs thing. >> i go anywhere that's going to beat barack obama. >> bill: he wants to do the lomb bad doe with iran.
11:41 pm
>> it's a little scary there, you know what i'm talking about? >> you are right, billy. i just flew fire hours from l.a. to new york next to islamic kid in his 30's. i couldn't even watch the movie. i just fantasized hitting him in the head with an elbow if he went up. >> bill: you are doing the juan williams thing. >> did you see the books he sold? did you see the books he sold? come on. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. so you -- right now you are endorsing gingrich or nobody? >> i like the way gingrich through pelly out the other night. let me tell you this, we have scott pelly bracing newt gingrich on a decision that barack obama made. barack obama offed that guy by drone. newt gingrich didn't but i guarantee you if pelly ever has barack obama right in front of him, he will ask him the initial question, probably. but as soon as he starts making his answer, you are not going to hear pelly come in not by a court of law, sir. not by a court law. the guy who actually killed
11:42 pm
al-awlaki would not face the grilling from pelly that a g.o.p. candidate faces. is that crazy or what? >> bill: it's interesting, that's for sure. now, the occupiers at the beginning of the program we said they are done. even mayor bloomberg now doesn't want him around anymore. once he gets to that level and kwan, that mayor of oakland, kwan, she has thrown him under the bus, too. i think they are through. do you think they are through? >> listen, they had to go from zuccotti park and i hate to rain on these kids' charade but even a suck-up little galom like bloomberg. >> bill: a what? >> is he going to side with the people he has to tax. these people weren't getting taxed. for god's sake even a mid evil doctor at some point when he is bleeding somebody knows he has to burn the leach off. that's all that happened here. it was time to burn the leach off because the taxpayers were sick of the condo line out there. >> bill: what did you call
11:43 pm
bloomberg a galom. >> a sucky little galom. >> bill: that's not nice. >> come on, billy, bloomberg is getting tired to me. if i'm living in new york and i'm paying that sort of rent and two months in he doesn't want to rock the boat, we get it you are a beautiful guy. all you did was you cluttered the screen and put a stock and you became a billionaire. don't try to teach me you are plenty the elder. if rudy giuliani was still mayor this thing would have been broken up before the first tent was popped, okay? >> bill: what would ply me the elder, of course a roman. >> he always acts like he has historical progressive bloomberg on the nation and how it's been built on discord and people have the right to protest. >> bill: i just want to point out to the audience that i do not believe that plyny the elder has ever been mentioned on cable news in the history. i'm glad you could bring him back. >> no.
11:44 pm
valerie harper used to play him, didn't she? >> bill: that was rhoda. >> i'm sorry. got it screwed up. >> bill: in toronto a couple of gay penguins i believe. [ laughter ] >> bill: i think they are in canada legally but i'm not sure because they are from the artic or antarctic can a. now the gay penguins or they are trying to make them straight or what are they trying to make them? what are you doing with them. >> first of oyou could see in opening shot they are just like the kids in would you have cote they crap on the outside right on the rock. the one gay penguin's name is pedro. here is my problem has anybody seen papers on pedro? is he even here legally for god's sake? >> bill: that was my question. listen, billy. how do you even know what a penguin is gay? is their corner of the penguin habitat inordinately distasteful? is it well done? >> bill: i don't know. i can't say anymore. but they are trying -- i think they are trying to make the
11:45 pm
gay penguins mate with -- i don't know. it's too confusing. >> stop right there. all i know who is in a better position to participate in a gay marriage than two creatures who are perpetually dressed formal? >> bill: if we are back here tomorrow, i will be stunned. dennis miller, everybody. we would like to remind you that the bolder fresher show in richmond, you can't miss it friday on november 25th, going to be one of the great ones as will our performance the 26th of november at the atlantic city. by the way, bring sensitive souls and teenagers to the show. no bad language or anything. details on bill o' did you see that on deck? michele bachmann going after a fellow republic candidate. play you the ad next. the markets nevertop moving. of course, neither do i. solution? td ameritrade mobile trader. i can enter trades on the run. even futures and 4x. complex options, done.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? michele bachmann getting tough. new internet ad that hammers her opponents. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. >> hi, i'm nancy pelosi. >> and i'm newt. >> together, we can do this. >> indicated that they were trying to develop nuclear capabilities. >> you did support an individual mandate. >> yes, sir. >> that's what i'm saying. we got that idea from you and the heritage foundation. >> that i don't line up 100% with the nra. >> commerce, education, and the -- oops. >> bill: all right. here now fox news correspondent juliet huddy. obviously, michele bachmann has got to get back on track here and that's an attention getting ad, correct it? >> is. it this is typical with candidates on last legs. last ditch effort. you go out, go for the jugulars of the people you are
11:50 pm
going up against. she doesn't really have that much money. she going to go into iowa with weak campaign chest. larry sabato says, look, she son her last legs here. she has got to go to new hampshire and south carolina. she is not going to be able to afford media there. >> bill: i didn't see anything that was dishonest in the ad though. those were all real clips. >> going back years and years. >> bill: her point is. i'm going to stick up for the congresswoman now. her point is she has been a true conservative from the very beginning and has not wavered whereas some of the other candidates have wavered and she believes they are not true conservatives. >> you change your opinions over the years. >> bill: absolutely. i'm not an idealogue at all. she is running as idealogue conservative candidate. >> she might get a little boost there. she is very good at retail politicking. going out and shaking hands and kissing babies. >> bill: i think that will be effective in iowa. i do. we have to do a viewer warning here. this is a very unpleasant bit of business we are going to show you. if you don't want to watch it come back in 60 seconds. in chicago there was aan attack on eltd elderly man by
11:51 pm
a group in the sunway. roll the tape. [shouting] [crying] >> oh. >> bill: it's horrible. this happened last april. they got this guy on tape. you can clearly see this guy. >> yeah. >> bill: they haven't arrested him. >> his friends were shooting that video, clearly. they followed him through the subway as he was sort of trying to find the person that was going to be his victim. but this actually -- this tape ended up on world star hip and then it went viral. you know, people want to look at this stuff. the cops are -- they know who this guy is. >> bill: do they know who he is. >> they know who he is. they can't find him. the local chicago station has talked to his parents. his parents say he was going through something back in april. there is no excuse to go up to this -- this man is a 55-year-old don't have a name on him but he went to the
11:52 pm
hospital. he is doing okay. police know who he is. to go after. >> bill: the victim is all right? >> the victim is all right. >> okay. so, he is all right. the perpetrator, they know his name. they know his parents. they know all about him but he is on the lamb. he is running away. we want to ask everybody watching tonight, it's hard to see this. what web site is it on again? >> it's on world star hip go google it. >> bill: can you go there. take a look at it there is the guy. all right? freeze frame it if you want to take a look at it there is the chicago cops number. this guy has got to get caught. we didn't have that going on not in this country that is unacceptable. do you agree. >> absolutely of course i agree. >> bill: i want everybody to track this guy down. >> there is a facebook page that is dedicated to this as well. you will get all the information. just go on our web site and give you the info. >> bill: which web site is that. >> >> bill: juliet huddy, everybody. thank you. pinheads and patriots up next. president obama speaking
11:53 pm
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>> pinheads and patriots starring president obama in australia in a moment. first just over five weeks until christmas. an you believe it? and my book, "killing lincoln" is a good book for everybody. if you would like signed books for christmas, please get those
11:56 pm
orders in to now because we want to get them to you in plenty of time for christmas and the holidays. our logo merchandise this season, restore the usa,off to a great start. we've got hats, shirts, pens, all with a simple but vital message, a message we believe in, restore the usa. all the money i get from the website goes to charity. now the mail. from san diego. and randy, larkspur. >> i don't let anybody say anything. they say it, i challenge. and from massachusetts.
11:57 pm
>> my job is different than yours, counselor, and i am doing my job by analyzing the facts and commenting on them. we had a person on here to give the other side, which he did eloquently. >> don't know anyone condemning coach paterno, the man. he made a mistake and he's paying for it:. >> it would be far less expensive for the feds to build more print than to continue funding the current chaos, felony. and from cambodia. wow. come on, doctor, we don't give out personal information for obvious reasons. we aren't going to do that. and from california.
11:58 pm
>> there's some far left involvement but the dishonest people slime the book are ron paul supporters. they are aware of the spaciousism want to thank all you have who have actually red killing lincoln and posted positive reviews about that. that's how we fight the dishonesty. that's how you always fight dishonesty, with honesty. >> i can only speculate they don't like me very much, amy. i know that's hard to believe. >> and president obama down under. we around talking about the policy, we are talking australia. >> i know there's some concern here that your australian language is being americannized. so perhaps it's time for us to reverse the trend. tonight with your permission, i would like to give it a burl.
11:59 pm
[applause] >> i want to thank the prime minister for a very productive meeting that we had today. i think she will agree it was a real chin wag. when julie and i meet, we listen to each other. we learn from each other. it's not just a lot of ear bashing. that's a good one, ear bashing. i can use that in washington. >> i think many as you trailiance would like that presentation so the president is a patriot or engendering good will down there. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website, different from also we will like you to spout off from anywhere in the world about the factor. we're happy they are getting us in cambodia. o' the word of the day.


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